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What is IntelliJ and How to Use?

What is IntelliJ and How to Use?

IntelliJ application is a tool for software development. It is a Java IDE which is used to create, test, and debug Android, web, and desktop applications. The application is very popular among developers.


The application comes with tons of features which allow for easier and faster development. The application includes features like quick fixes, intelligent code completion, smart code navigation, refactoring, and more. Users can also edit, debug, and validate their code with these features.

Smart code completion

Smart code completion allows the user to use partial words to create an expression. The expression will be completed automatically based on the other program code the user has. The user will also receive options for the expression they are creating.

Intelligent code completion

IntelliJ's intelligent code completion is a function which will also provide the user with possible code completion options. It will do this by analyzing the other code which is being used.

Code analysis

The application includes a code analysis which will scan the code that the user is writing. The code analyzer will provide code analysis which will help the user know if there are any problems with the code.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Use IntelliJ

  1. Download IntelliJ from the IntelliJ website
  2. Place IntelliJ.exe on your desktop.
  3. Double-click on the IntelliJ.exe.
  4. Click on Get Started
  5. Click on Create New Project
  6. Click on the Create New Project
  7. Enter a project name
  8. Click on New
  9. Click on Project
08 Nov 2021